Sunday, 2 June 2013

Is this the start of SUMMER?

It has been a very hot few days and my greenhouse is coming along brilliantly! 
I have got many different types of tomato, lots of potatoes, some carrots, a pumpkin and lots more! Also, my grape vine is producing little bunches of grapes this year!

Today, I weeded my fruit catch and added some fencing and mesh to my strawberries to add some more protection! Also, my blackcurrant bush is starting to grow berries!

I also added the mesh above my veg patch to protect it from birds! I have potatoes, carrots, courgettes and pumpkins growing in there at the moment!

Inside my greenhouse, my lettuces are growing rapidly and are looking great. I have also got a mini cucumber plant!

I have lots of different varieties of tomatoes too!

My grape vine is looking very good and is now starting to produce grape bunches. I am very excited to see what this vine will provide!

Finally, I have lots of seedling and small lettuces to growing including sweet pepper, little gem, lots of other lettuces and I am even trying to grow corn for my bird feeders!

The warm weather is great for my fruit and veg and I hope it carries on to be this hot!