Monday, 18 August 2014

Statuesque Swans!

We often see Swans and Cygnets gliding around their aquatic estates in a very graceful manner. I wanted to portray these beautiful creatures in a heavenly way and I thought the best way of doing so would be to do some photoshop editing, playing around with contrast and brightness. I took these photos at Melbourne lake today with my Grandparents whilst on a walk with my dog, Pippin.

I decided that the best way to portray the birds as "godly" was to contrast the black tones with the white tones as this would emphasise the swan. The photo above is effective as it gives the impression that the Swan is in a heavenly place as the white background could symbolise clouds. 

The photo above gives an angelic impression in a different way, by making the swan's outline crystal clear against the harsh, black background. This contrast, along with the reflection on the water and the symmetry of the wings makes a really nice photo!

There is nothing more heavenly than a blurred picture of water shimmering in the wind! The amount of different colour tones in this photo is incredible. There is turquoise, navy, blacks, greys, sky blues and even some greens in the top left of the picture.

The main defined features are the beak and the eye. The feathers blur into the white background which I really like. I also like the reflection of the blue skies and the trees in the bird's eye. I realise that this almost sounded like an English lesson with all the symbolism and stuff, but I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Rutland BirdFair 2014!

It took some seriously fast editing and typing to get this blog uploaded before I have to go to bed!
It has been an amazing day at the annual Bird Fair today at Rutland waters. I met loads of great wildlife filmmakers and presenters such as Chris Packham, Bill Oddie, Simon King and Kate Mcrae! They were all extremely friendly and encouraging about my passion about wildlife and photography. I managed to give them my details so hopefully they will see my blog (they may even be reading this post now!) Kate Mcrae (WildlifeKate) was brilliant to talk to, and she even suggested that I came to visit her patch which I'm really excited about! Some other things I did today included buying some new HandyKam equipment to improve my bird boxes for next spring, went to watch Chris Packhams lecture 'The Beautiful and the Dammed', and met some very kind, like-minded people.

Here are just a few photos from today:

This was my first time at Bird Fair, and I was extremely surprised about how many people went! It was amazing to see so many people interested in the natural world, like me.

One of the many hides around Rutland Waters!
I did some quick experiments on photoshop, using a few pictures of a grey heron which I took in the Mallard hide above.

Ringing Demo

Kate Mcrae (WildlifeKate)

Bill Oddie

Simon King
That's the end of day one! I returned to Bird Fair on the saturday and embarked on another day of purchasing, education and meeting others. I went to a lecture by Matthew Gordon (one of the producers of programs such as "Spy in the huddle" and "Earth flight." It was very interesting to learn about the remote controlled spy-cams!

At the BTO bird ringing stand, I got to release one of their newly ringed captures! It was brilliant to be able to hold such a delicate bird. You can do a course in bird ringing and get a qualification at the end allowing you to study birds up-close  and help study their populations.

Chris Packham was one of the main attractions at this Bird Fair! Here is the queue we had to wait in to listen to one of his lectures… 
It was very worthwhile though!

Bird Fair was such a great, unique experience! I will definitely be back next year!!!