Sunday, 16 June 2013


I have noticed buzzards, kestrels, house martins and swallows all gliding over our house and I really wanted to try and film them unclose. I thought of many ways of doing this but my final idea was to attach a ladder and tripod to the top of my old tree house! I added a cane for the birds to perch on and I also added a block of suet to try and encourage them to land on the cane!

Here is the view from the camera, I am going to call this camera SKY CAM!

You will have to turn your head for this photo, but you can see the camera mounted at the top of the ladder! I hope it gets some good footage because it took a while to put up.
I am going to collect the camera at the end of the week and then I will show you the footage I captured!

Today, I also added a seed catcher (plate) to the bottom of my fat ball feeder to catch any excess seed. I mounted the feeder on a bamboo cane and attached it to the tree. I hope that this will attract some different birds and it will give me a better view of the feeder!

I have also found out that there is a buzzard nest in a woodland very close to our house! I will be finding out more!