Saturday, 1 June 2013

Brinsley Animal Rescue

For two days this week I went to volunteer at Brinsley Animal Rescue in Nottingham. They help sick and injured animals and wildlife, including pets. It was great to see people helping animals and giving them a second chance! I really enjoyed my time there and I hope to go back to help out in the summer holidays! 

Some of the jobs I helped out with were quite exciting such as feeding the baby chaffinches! And I also   attempted to help out with some of the larger animals too.

Here are the five baby chaffinches that needed feeding every hour or so!

The sick or injured animals were kept in a room to recover and were them let into a outdoor enclosure to adjust to the temperature again before they are released!

 I had a great time there and enjoyed learning about the rescue centre and the animals!
I stayed at my grandparents later on that day and as I was looking round the garden I came across a blackbird nest! I asked my grandparents to keep their eye on it and tell me if anything happens!

Springwatch returns on Monday at 8:00! It has been a great series so far and I love watching the live cameras as well as watching the shows! I just hope the jackdaw chicks will be okay, the mallard ducks will make it safely down to the water and the osprey will successfully hatch their chicks!