About me

Hello Everyone, and welcome to my wildlife blog which I have been developing for the past 4 years. I have loved every second, and I hope you enjoy reading about my passion, hobby and (hopefully) future job as much as I have done writing about it. I primarily use my blog to share my wildlife experiences with everyone who is interested; I write about my latest projects, my photography and my conservation efforts. 

For me the wildlife is the most important thing, and I love to immerse myself in our natural world to enjoy it's many breath-taking spectacles. However, when I get these spectacles on camera they suddenly seem 100 times better. I think it's the fact that I can re-live that magical moment for a second time, or a third, or fourth. That's why I created my blog. So I can let you experience these wonders with me…and learn about ways to protect our planet's wildlife.

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My Experiences

Grey seal birth footage featured on BBC 2's Autumnwatch; 

Finalist of Ecotricity's Young Green Britain Award 2015;

Top wildlife tips featured on BBC's Springwatch Extra; 

Photos published in the BBC Wildlife Magazine;

Blog writer for the Natural History Museum's website; 

Two week's work experience including at the Lepidoptera Department at the Natural History Museum in Kensington, London; 

Volunteering at Brinsley Animal Resuce and Crossdale Drive Primary School where I was involved in the 'Forest Schools' scheme; 

Four articles published in the Nottingham Post and the Derby Telegraph; 

Interviewed live on Notts TV news regarding the hedgehog decline. Also featured on the news show regarding how to help wildlife.

Photos and videos used on the Notts TV news show.
Articles published on the Notts TV website.