Sunday, 12 May 2013


What a wet weekend it has been! However, this did not stop my little blue tit pair continue to incubate! Also, with the use of Skype, I can now view my bird box from inside (with the live camera) and the outside (with Skype!) It is brilliant to watch the birds outside the bird box without disturbing them too much! The 9 chicks are expected to hatch on wednesday this week, and I will try to upload some footage as soon as possible! 

The wet weather has been great for all of my plants though! I have now got strawberries, black currants, gooseberries and raspberries growing in my fruit patch! Last year, I was able to make 3 concentrated blackcurrant juice which tasted great!

I have planted out 8 potato plants and 3 lines of carrot too!

My lettuce, which I planted only last weekend, has begin to grow and I'm sure it will grow rapidly from now on!  

My grape vine is doing well and has know got many new leaves growing! Hopefully I will get some grapes this year....

I bought some tomatoes and a pepper today which I will plant in grow bags (in the greenhouse) very soon!

Everything is going well, i just hope the weather improves!