Thursday, 23 May 2013

So, who is looking forward to SpringWatch?!

SpringWatch starts next Monday and I can't wait! It give me loads of new ideas for my garden and I also love watching all their live webcams. Hopefully the weather will improve for it! Also, I can't wait to see WildlifeKate featured.

It's half-term, finally! Here are some of the many projects I will be doing:

1. Finish making my hedgehog feeding station & installing a live webcam!
2. Continue with my wildlife pond.
3. Search for nests in my area to monitor!
4. Plant some bird seed so I can eventually use it for my bird feeders! (and not have to buy it)
5. Make a squirrel feeder!

Also, in the holidays (half-term & summer) I have got some volunteering work at a nearby farm and a wildlife rescue centre! I am looking forward to it :)