Sunday, 26 May 2013

1000 views on my blog!

Today, I have passed over the 1000 mark I wanted to reach! Thats over 6 views a day which is brilliant!

Today I finished off making my hedgehog feeding station/hibernation box! I even included a green roof into my final design! I placed it at the end of my garden next to my hedgehog hedge entrance! Here are a few pictures: 

As you can see, I wanted the hedgehog box to fit in to its surroundings, and thats why I created a green-roof for the lid of my box! 

This picture is a inside view from the entrance!

Here is the inside of my hedgehog box. I will place a camera in the top right corner of the box.

Left: Hedgehog entrance     Right: Hedgehog box and feeding station!
Hedgehog Heaven!

Also, today I made a hair dispenser for the bird building their nests!
Here it is:

My blue tit chicks are developing their feathers and are so loud that you can hear them inside the house!! They are expected to fledge Tuesday the 4th of June. It has been so fun watching them grow up!