Saturday, 2 May 2015

Quick update!

My predictions were wrong, the eggs arrived early! 

There are now 7 eggs in the nest box, and the female seems to be spending increasingly long periods in the box, hopefully indication that incubation is not far away! I am using a webcam to keep an eye on them, meaning I can now film them from my laptop. There are a few led lights on the webcam which I use in daytime filming. 

My predictions suggest the first egg was laid on the 23rd of April, presuming one egg is laid per day. 

These photos of the eggs were taken from my iPhone while the mother was out feeding in the daytime. 

Like I said earlier, I have positioned a webcam looking into the nest which connects with my laptop, ready for when the chicks hatch! I can record video & sound and take snapshots all from my laptop which is really useful. 

Watch the clip below to see the female Blue Tit up-close!