Saturday, 30 May 2015

Nottingham Uni's MSc Exhibition

Isn't Twitter great! On Tuesday I found out that there was an exhibition on in Nottingham, displaying work from students doing the Nottingham Uni's MSc Biological Photography and Imaging. Without Twitter I wouldn't of even known that this course existed! Kate MacRae (known as WildlifeKate) was opening the exhibition with a small speech to all the visitors. It was really nice to catch up with Kate again! I also saw Jack Perks for the 2nd time which was good. I believe that he is a guest lecturer at this course...

It was also really nice to meet some new people, including another lecturer of this course, Alex Hyde. I spoke with him for a while towards the end of the exhibition about my passion for nature. When you fill a room with nature-lovers there are just too many people to talk to!

Some of the students had also already done some incredible things. Lots had had gap years to various countries, and one had even gone to the Crees Foundation in Peru to do research. I am hoping to do either volunteering or an internship at Crees when I am old enough. To summarise, the evening was so interesting, especially some of the students photographs which were very inspiring indeed. I would recommend to anyone in the Nottingham area to take a visit...the exhibition continues until the 3rd of June.