Saturday, 23 May 2015

30 Days Wild Challenge

In 7 days time the 30 Days Wild Challenge will begin all over the country. Already over 5000 people have signed up to this event that is being let by The Wildlife Trusts group. Did you know? 93% of people living in England live within six miles of a Wildlife Trust nature reserve. However only 1 in 10 children actually spent time in the great outdoors. This challenge was set up to encourage both children and adults to do something wild every single day in June. This could constitute taking a walk around your local nature reserve, spending time in your garden listening to the birds or even building a wildlife garden! 

There are endless possibilities of things you can do, regardless of your location or abilities. Smaller wild acts could perhaps reading about a species you've never seen before or signing a online wildlife petition…

If you sign up to the challenge you receive a starter pack with a 30 Days Wild calendar to record all your wild activities. I would choose to receive this by email as to stop paper being used unnecessarily. Before I take the challenge I'm going to make a long list of activities I could do, ranging from quicker garden jobs to entire days worth projects. I will then pick an event on the day depending on how much free time I have. Below I have listed a few activities that you could do whilst doing the challenge.

This is what The Wildlife Trust says about their upcoming challenge: 

"This June, The Wildlife Trusts are asking everyone do something wild every day for a month.  The challenge is simple and designed to delight: make room for nature - no matter where you are or how busy your life.  Make this the month when you do something wild every day – and let us motivate you! Everyone who signs up to The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild - the UK’s first ever month-long nature challenge - will receive a pack full of encouragement, ideas and ‘Random Acts of Wildness’.  They will also receive a funky wallchart to track progress, a wild badge, and regular blasts of inspiration throughout June straight to their inbox to help everyone make nature part of their lives." 

You could: plant some wild flowers either in pots or in the ground, go for a walk round your local nature reserve, spend an extra 10 minutes in your patch, fill up the bird feeders, change the water in the bird bath, take a few minutes to appreciate the birdsong on your patch, read up about a new species you've not seen before, make a bee hotel with bamboo poles, take some photos around your garden and share them online for others to see, do a bio-blitz in your garden, catch butterflies and use a guide to ID them, get your binoculars out and go bird watching, watch a wildlife documentary, plant some pollinator-friendly plants, make a window trough and plant some herbs for use in the kitchen…

The list is endless. Whether you live in a town or a hamlet there is always something you can do to enjoy the wild. 

If you want to take part in this amazing challenge, click here.