Monday, 27 October 2014

What is WildlifeBilly?

Hello Everyone, and welcome to my wildlife blog which I have been developing over the past 3 years. I have loved every second, and I hope you enjoy reading about my passion, hobby and (hopefully) future job as much as I do. I primarily use my blog to share my wildlife experiences with everyone who is interested, writing about my latest projects, my photography and my youtube videos (and much more). 

For me, the wildlife is the most important thing, and I love to watch wildlife spectacles such as rutting deer and the birth of seals. However, when I get these spectacles on camera they suddenly seem 100 times better. I think it's the fact the I can re-live that moment for a second time, or a third, or fourth. Thats why I created my blog. So I can let you experience the wonders of wildlife with me! And learn about ways to protect our wildlife…

About me
"I'm a 15 year old captivated by the magical wonders of wildlife, whether in the back garden or in the Peruvian rainforest, it's all special."

Below are some of my best shots and clips of footage, giving you a taster of what I do : 

My Magical Autumn Video

The Hedgehog and the cat!

Blue tit Stories 2014

Those extracts sum up some of my work, however feel free to have a browse round my blog using the tabs at the top. Enjoy!