Monday, 27 October 2014

Bird box Building Blast!

Over the past few days our garden has been invaded by cameras and gadgets to monitor and record our wildlife!

 I have set up 2 camera bird boxes, and wired them back to the computer, enabling me to watch, record and share the footage. Another camera has been positioned filming my bird feeders, which I hope will get some nice shots of the huge variety of bird visiting my patch! Here are some pictures illustrating my progress! Don't hesitate to comment or give me any tips. 

I have installed a camera in the bird box above, which primarily attracts larger species such as Great tits. Last year, a group of 5 chicks successfully hatched and fledged. I hope to capture this amazing story again with the help of my camera, which is tucked away at the top of the bird box!

The bird box above has been installed with the latest HANDYKAM camera, which offers crystal clear images and excellent audio quality, not too far off Springwatch's standard! This bird box has successfully homed two families of blue tits, which were both a joy to watch.

To read more about my bird box projects please head over to the 'Bird Boxes 2014/5' page at the top!