Saturday, 13 September 2014

Muntjac deer caught on camera!

If you keep an eye on my 'ProStalk Trail Camera' page you will know that for the past month the camera has been in a deciduous woodland, which is a near my house. I left it there whilst I was away on holiday, and I have just gone to collect it. I had no clue what species I would find, and I was only expecting hares and pheasants really! So it was am amazing surprise when I looked at the footage and saw Foxes and Muntjac deer!

Here is a view of the wood from the exterior. It had a dense canopy, and a very thick understory, perfect for deer.  

I placed the camera very close to the ground, in a moderately clear area. I created some camouflage to decrease the chances of it getting stolen, or disturbing any animals.

Muntjac deer were introduced from China in the early 20th Century, and have bred and spread since then. There were two deer present in the video, either the doe and kid, or the doe and buck.

They are quite small deer, reaching only 52 cm at the shoulder. They have an average life span of around 16 years, and unlike all other deer in the UK, they do not have a designated rutting season, allowing them to mate all year round.

Foxes are another species that I love to see! They are omnivores and live between 2 and 4 years. They may be seen as a pest, but I personally think they are a joy to have!

Spot the fox!
 Like cats, their big, bushy tails aid balance. But it can also be used to keep it warm and communicate with other foxes. 

I will upload some more of the footage onto youtube soon!