Monday, 15 September 2014

Squirrel cashing and a new patch species!

It's that time of year when Squirrels start to collect nuts for the winter, and cash them underground. 

Whilst in the garden I spotted two very red squirrels running back and fourth from a tree. They spent the next few hours completely clearing a tree of its nuts! I was surprised about how red this 'grey' squirrel looked, and I even contemplated if it was a red squirrel. However, after asking around on twitter, everyone clarified it was just a grey, with a few red patches (maybe caused by distant cross-breeding?) I managed to get a few nice shots of them whilst they were at work! 

The squirrel then ran behind our house, and jumped in a old apple tree. I ran upstairs and leaned out the window to get closer. Not only did I get a nice shot (the one I've converted to B&W), but I also discovered that the apple tree was full of birds! At one point I saw blue tits, great tits, long-tailed tits, goldfinches and chaffinches in the tree all at once! I also saw a new species of bird, which I have never seen on my patch before…

If anyone knows what it is please contact me!

The apple tree, which I have previously completely ignored, is in my next door neighbour's garden. But you can get a brilliant view of it from a window in our house. Whilst bird watching there, I spotted a Great Spotted Woodpecker. Just to the left of the woodpecker, you can see a female chaffinch! You have to look very closely. 

Long-tailet tits are also a very common species to our garden, which is great. The photo below has been edited on photoshop to create a silhouette. If you look carefully, you can see a long-tailed tit in the middle, with its tail sticking out to the left.