Wednesday, 9 July 2014

An amazing discovery!

When I first made my wildlife pond, I went down to the local river and collected a few fish. I put them in my pond to see if they would survive and breed, as this would show how suitable my pond was for wildlife. Up until now I haven't used a net to pond dip, but today I tried it out. It was astonishing what I found!

All within a few swipes of the net, I collected 4 larger fish (I think they were stickleback), and 27 smaller fish which I haven't identifies yet. Has anyone got any ideas? Please email me at if you know.

As I said, I'm pretty sure that they were stickleback as I looked them up on the internet and found a really interesting article by the guardian. 

The fish seemed to be living at the bottom of the pond, within the rocks and the decaying material. I was thinking about installing a webcam in a waterproof box in the pond to further investigate these little creatures...