Saturday, 14 June 2014

Woodpecker wonders!

I thought I was lucky to have great spotted woodpeckers in the garden, now I even have green woodpeckers on my patch! I'd never seen one until the other day so I did some research about their habitat and diet to try to learn how to continue attracting them.

"The green woodpecker is the largest of the three woodpeckers that breed in Britain. It has a heavy-looking body, short tail and a strong, long bill. It is green on its upperparts with a paler belly, bright yellow rump and red on the top of its head. The black 'moustache' has a red centre in males. They have an undulating flight and a loud, laughing call."

They eat ants….thats why it was foraging on the ground for about half an hour! This gave me plenty of time to get my camera to get some photos and footage. I didn't want to disturb the bird, resulting in it not wanting to come back again, so I took these photos from inside the house hence why they not very close-up. I really wish I could find the nest of this bird for next year!

Green woodpecker footage:

Great spotted woodpecker footage:

Green woodpecker foraging in the bushes!

Out in the open, letting me have a good look!

Posing in front of my wildlife garden!
As I said earlier, we also get the great spotted woodpeckers visiting very frequently! I was watering the plants a few days ago when I noticed a woodpecker on the patio, I think it was a juvenile. I got my phone out and got surprisingly close to it, managing to get a couple of shots.

In the future, I would love to be able to find out where the nests are for some of these individuals. It would be amazing if I could get a camera up to document their lives!!
If you have any info on woodpeckers which would help me with this either comment or email me at!