Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Photographing Frogs!

After watching Charlie Hamilton's 'I bought a rainforest'  it really inspired me. It has inspired me to get more involved in the conservation of the rainforest (such as petitions and donating), to use techniques he used (shown below) to photograph wildlife and i'm even using him as an photographer for my GCSE photography project! I have donated to the 'I bought a rainforest page' and so should you! It is a very important cause. 

Here is the BBC page where you will find the appropriate links:

Here is an example of one of Charlie's photos from the series so far:

Charlie Hamilton's Photo

And here are some of mine, using his technique! I used a homemade photography box with lights and white paper to try and create the best, clearest images!

I will continue to use this type of photography later on to photograph different species, such as insects, butterflies and other amphibians! Keep an eye on my blog...