Monday, 21 October 2013

Taking Action

While in Cambridge this weekend I came across a lady handing out leaflets in the street about badger culling.
 I told her that I had been putting up posters in my village, and she gave me loads of great material to hand round! She was telling me about what she does to help the badgers, such as petitions, writing letters and even protecting sets by monitoring them ALL NIGHT!

She gave me stickers, petitions and lots of leaflets, which was great! I went back to her stall later on in the day to take a photo for my blog, but sadly she had left. She was probably already sitting in a wood somewhere guarding a set!

Here is some of the material she provided me with: 

I went round my village handing out all the leaflets later on that day. If you want to sign the latest petition please visit 

Also write to your local MP! If you are unsure who your MP is, there name can be found at 

I am very excited for Wednesday this week, because I am going to Bradgate Park on a Guided Tour! It is the peak of the red deer rut and the fallows are most probably rutting too! I am going to be filming and photographing this spectacular event. Lets hope the weather is not too bad!