Sunday, 27 October 2013

Spring Setup!

I'm already setting up more camera bird boxes for next spring! 
I bought this beautiful oak bird box with a slate roof, and I got it from Wheatcroft for only £10! I also bought a wireless IR camera! This evening, I took apart the bird box to install the camera. The 38mm hole may attract tits and even pied flycatchers! I will be placing this bird box at the end of my garden positioned on a exterior wall of my shed! 
Dismantling the bird box!

Once I put it all together I plugged the camera into a power supply and connected the receiver to the TV.

Finished bird box, with IR camera installed!

This receiver has the ability to be connected to 3 other wireless cameras. This will be very useful for the future!

50m receiver

This bird box camera is so much better than my previous camera even though it was £15 cheaper! I can see the entire base of the box which will be great if a bird starts to nest. I am looking forward to see if this box is a success in the spring!!