Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Garden Improvements

On Sunday, I managed to fit in enough time to tidy up my greenhouse and prepare for the coming spring/summer. 

I went to the garden centre to buy plants and bird feed! I also bought some larger, more substantial pots, a hanging basket and some seeds. I cleared up my veg patch and planted some flowers in my wildlife garden. Another exciting project is that me and my dad are converting our tree house into a bird watching platform! 

Here is my new and improved bird feeding station! I am feeding the birds niger seed, mixed bird seed, peanuts, fat balls, suet blocks and mealworms! This huge range of feed attracts a similarly huge selection of birds including goldfinches, great spotted woodpecker, long-tailed tits and dunnocks!

I planted two strawberry plants in my new hanging basket positioned in my greenhouse.

I bought two green troughs from the garden centre. These sturdy pots will hopefully last a lot longer than the cheap plastic pots I normally buy.

Two sweet chillies

A selection of peppers, and red lettuce.

Two tomatoes I bought from the garden centre.

Two tomatoes I bought from a village fair.

In these four containers I am growing herbs such as basil and parsley.

I took a slab up from the greenhouse floor to plant my grapevine. 
 I planted some flowers in my wildlife garden which will start to grow over the next few weeks.