Friday, 18 April 2014

Beautiful weather, nesting birds and thriving wildlife garden!

My Wildlife Garden is coming along so well!
It's been encouraging numerous species to visit my patch and it is a brilliant place to sit and relax. I love the overgrown and rustic feel it has created by the slate my grandparents brought back from cornwall, and all of the weeds! I have mended the wigwam which broke over the winter, and I also have positioned various feeders around the garden. I want to get some potted bamboo now, and create a living willow arc for the path!

Another thing that is coming along brilliantly is my bird cam! A pair of blue tits have taken up residence and already laid 3 eggs. I have cameras monitoring the inside of the nesting box, and the outside! I put up the exterior webcam to allow me to keep an eye on other birds/mammals surrounding the box, allowing me to spot any predators! If you have been following my blog for a while, you will remember that last year, this bird box got predated and all the chicks were killed. So, hopefully the exterior cam, which I'm  naming 'PredatorCam', will let me film any predator raids, also allowing me to watch the chicks fledging!

 The bird box in my wildlife garden was rigged with a wireless camera, which I could watch on the tv.
However, no birds have even been in yet. I want to put my cameras to good use, so I removed it from the box and I am thinking of another location for it. Any ideas?
I put the bird box back where it initially was....just incase any birds were interested.

Some more great news!
A pair of great tits are building a nest in the bird box outside my greenhouse! I haven't got a camera in this one. Because the box is very close to the greenhouse, I don't want to disturb it while doing gardening, so I created an area which no one is allowed in until the nesting season is over.

The blue rope represents the boundary to the no entry zone.