Sunday, 9 February 2014

A quick garden update!

Despite the wind and a burst of rain, I managed to get my wireless bird box camera up and running in my wildlife area! 
All the wires are tucked away and waterproofed and the bird box is securely in place. I put a branch (seen below) in front of the bird box hole, so that the bird can perch. 

I also got this new frog/toad home set up directly next to my pond and bog area. Im quite sure this will be full of frogs soon, and maybe some insects too.

The photo below may seem boring, but if you look close enough there is something extraordinary. In the background, on the hedge (near my tree house) there is a sparrow hawk!
I have never seen one before, certainly not in my garden. The only camera I had on me at the time was the one on my phone, meaning i could't zoom. 

I got a few shots, ran upstairs to grab my Canon DLSR and managed to get back in time to take some more photos!...............the memory card was not there. By the time I got everything ready it was flying off into the nearby wood.

When I uploaded the pictures I zoomed in on Photoshop.


If you look closely you can see it perching on top of the hedge.

I tried to tempt it back by playing Sparrowhawk calls on a speaker, but I only heard replies.
I really hope it will return soon so I can get some proper shots!
However, I have now got a new bird to add to my patch bird count!