Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Another Spring Setup!

Another Spring Setup!
I've re-enstalled my IR camera into my bird box, which I had a family of blue tits nesting in last year! 
I've got it wired back to my AV splitter, and then into my TV, allowing me to monitor it 24/7!
These little cameras are amazing, allowing you to watch the lives of these great birds, in the daytime and at night, with sound! This year is my most ambitious yet: I have 9 bird boxes up, 2 of them have cameras installed! I really hope we get some birds nesting this year! I would love to have a variety of different species too!

Camera Bird Box

I found this beetle head in the bird box, it must have been food for the chicks last year!

Here is my AV cable splitter,  this lets me switch between bird boxes!
As you can see, i have 3 channels at the moment: two bird boxes and one feeder!

My new bird box, with a camera installed!

Last years bird box, with a camera installed!

Keep an eye on my blog to stay up to date with my 2014 bird boxes!