Monday, 22 July 2013


This summer my plan is to experiment with different vegetarian and vegan recipes! 
I will add them to my recipe notepad along with illustrations. Hopefully it will make vegan/vegetarian cooking easier in the future! The first thing I made was a vegan burger when we were having a BBQ in the garden. It was easy to prepare and cook and was undoubtedly as good as meat! I would recommend it to others.

Also, as the badger culling become more serious I made some posters and pinned them up all around my village advising them to contact there local MP and sign the anti-cull epetition! Education is vital to make a difference so I added some facts and statistics about why culling badgers is not the solution.

I took this photo while sitting under our apple tree. This little bluetit chick was looking down at me not quite knowing what to do! I thought that it was a interesting angle so I popped out my camera and took a few shots!

My wildlife garden is gradually getting better! I've finally got a working pump in (which is solar powered!) and the pond plants really improve the atmosphere! Also, I have noticed frogs visiting the pond and using my wildlife ladder already which I am really happy about!

I am going to plant some shrubs around the border of the pond which will hopefully cover the black pond liner, making the area look more natural.

I've got plants running along the path and a few solar powered lights which give it a great feeling at night.

At the side of my wildlife garden I've planted some different coloured heather too!

The sweet peas are looking great!

I picked my blackcurrant and I've have made a cordial which is very refreshing in the heat! 

The grapes on my grape vine are growing but I'm not quite sure if they will be ready to pick this year.
Fingers crossed!