Monday, 8 July 2013

Chicken Health Checks!

Every so often I like to do a general check of the chickens to keep them happy and healthy! I weigh them, measure them, and do lots more checks to ensure that they are the best that they can be.
 I keep profiles of them which have ALL their information in, such as their date/time of hatch and their characters. We have three chickens now but below is a record of the chickens we have had in the past.

  • First we had Polly (Female Light Sussex), Flossy (Female Light Sussex) and Sid (Male Light Sussex)
  • Sid was too noisy so we gave him to a friend and bought Sandy (Female Gold top).
  • Sadly, Polly died.
  • We Incubated 12 bantam eggs, and kept 3 female chicks.
  • So, we had Flossy, Sandy and the three new hens: Octavia (Female Silkie), Gin and Tonic (Female Light Sussex)
  • Flossy and Sandy attacked the three new hens continuously for months so we gave them to a family friend.
  • And now we just have Octavia, Gin and Tonic!
Flossy and Sandy are very healthy and happy and I think Sid is well too!
Here are Octavia, Gin and Tonic!

 Gin (Above)

Ocatavia (Above)
Tonic (Below)

All well so far so lets hope it stays like that!