Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bird Count!

I thought that I would start to concentrate more on my 'patch' now so i can really understand the types of wildlife in my area and how to attract it! I did a count of the birds i've seen in the garden/surrounding area.

1. Common Pheasant

1. Grey Heron

1. Wood Pigeon
2. Collared Dove

1.Barn Owl

1.Great Spotted Woodpecker

1. Wren
2. Robin
3. Blackbird
4. Mistle Thrush
5. Long-tailed Tit
6. Blue Tit
7. Great Tit
8. Coal Tit
9. Jay
10. Crow
11. House Sparrow
12. Chaffinch
13. Goldfinch
14. Bullfinch

A grand total of 20 different species! I think this is a brilliant variety of species and I hope more species will thrive in my patch in the future. I will also do my best to attract many mammal species such as field mice, wood mice, hedgehogs and even badgers! I tried to maintain the rats living under my shed but it got a little out of hand, hence why i have a humane rat trap out at the moment!

Another exciting piece of kit I got was a HandyKam wildlife trail camera which i have got up in the nearby woodland as we speak! It will be out there for 4 days and 3 nights and i will be retrieving it tomorrow. So.....keep a look out on my TrailCam page. I have been told there have been barn owls and foxes in the woodland, so who knows where this will lead......