Thursday, 2 July 2015

Notts TV appearance!

After reading a BBC news article a few weeks ago about how Nottingham has one of the fastest Hedgehog declines in the country I decided to contact Notts TV and see if they wanted to do a piece about how to help the species. At first it was just a suggestion but I got more and more involved throughout the process, providing information and statistics for the journalists to use. Yesterday one of the Notts TV journalists called Danielle came over to interview me in my patch, and to film all the things I have in place around my wildlife garden to help this endangered species. This footage was going to be used to make a short 2 & 1/2 minute long package to be shown that evening on the news at 5:30, 6:00 and 7:00. Danielle had around an hour before she had to get back to do the edit and record the voice over. 

It was a beautiful hot and sunny day which was both good and bad…my patch was looking great but it was difficult to find a place in the garden with the right lighting to film in! The focus of the package was the decline in hedgehogs so we made sure to film relevant items around the garden…the hedgehog escape routes, the 'hog hotel' and the hole in our garden hedge. I was dying to show Danielle all my other projects including my wildlife shed and all my bird box camera systems but we had to stick to the script if we were to finish on time!

It felt like a very long wait until 5:30 which was the first showing of the package. It was wonderful seeing my patch on the TV, showing everyone watching that just a few very simple changes can dramatically help the species. With more than 20,000 viewers tuning in each week to was a great way to showcase my tips! Below are a few screenshots from the package…

It was also very nice to have lots of support on Twitter including two of my twitter friends Kate and Georgia! It was a very exciting experience and I hope it won't be my first and last appearance!

If you want to watch the package click here.