Saturday, 21 February 2015

Attenborough Nature Reserve

On Thursday the 19th I met with wildlife photographer and film-maker Jack Perks at Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham. 

We spent the day experimenting with my GoPro and using the various hides to photograph the local wildlife, including Kingfishers & Bitterns (we didn't have much luck with the Bitterns!) It was a great experience to spend the day with Jack, talking about our collective interest in nature. I managed to capture a few images that I was pleased with over the course of the day, and I even spotted a perched kingfisher along the river!

We used the first few hours working with the different species around the visitors centre, including Mallards, Canada Geese and Tufted Duck. The robins around the reserve have become very confident around humans, allowing us to hand feed them, but also get some unclose photos.

We spend the afternoon visiting the hides around the reserve. We watched Great Crested Grebes fishing, Canada Geese fighting and also saw 4 oyster catchers! I normally only see them in Cornwall!

I had never seen a kingfisher before, so it was really exciting when I spotted this one perched alongside the river! Jack taught me the call of a kingfisher so hopefully I'll be able to spot them again in the future! Overall, it was a really enjoyable day which I would recommend to anyone interested in nature or wildlife photography.